Seamark ZM Technology Co., Ltd.
Seamark ZM Technology Co., Ltd.
  • What types of batteries can be inspected with your machines?

    Winding process battery (including digital soft pack batteries, cylindrical batteries, multi-layer winding power batteries, etc.), stacking process battery (multi-layer stacking power batteries, etc.)

  • Do you offer different models or types of Battery Inspection Machines?

    Yes, we have two types of battery x-ray inspection: stacking process and winding process, and including two series: inline-offline

  • What kind of technical support and maintenance services do you offer?

    We can provide online on-site installation training, after-sales technical support, and maintenance according to customer needs.

  • How do I request a quote or get more information about your products?

    You can contact our sales and get more information through the email address provided on the official website.

  • What industry standards or certifications do your machines meet?

    We have CE and FDA. Our battery X-ray inspection machine radiation leakage is less than 1μSv/h when it works, meeting international safety standards.

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