Seamark ZM Technology Co., Ltd.
Seamark ZM Technology Co., Ltd.

Seamark insists on taking science and technology as the guide, developing through innovation, and surviving with quality. Relying on the support of the professional and technical R&D team that continues to innovate, Seamark has obtained nationally recognized independent intellectual property rights certificates, nearly 200 invention and utility model patents, and related qualification certificates, and won the China Electronic Equipment Most Innovative Capability Award.

Seamark has a professional R&D team, with R&D personnel accounting for more than 35%, and established a postdoctoral innovation practice base to conquer 3D/PCT Reconstruction/Image Processing Algorithms. Among them, the self-developed image preprocessing system adopts Multi Dynamic Low Illumination Enhancement and High Dynamic Multi-fusion Filtering Algorithm, which effectively breaks the application bottleneck of battery X-ray inspection caused by the unclear inner circle of the winding battery, the inaccurate gripping point at the end of the plate fold, and missed judgment caused by complex image backgrounds, which makes the Seamark's lithium battery X-ray inspection machine has become the first choice trusted by the majority of new energy manufacturers.

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