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XB7100-Winding Battery Inspection

The XB7100 offers fully automatic inline inspection for multi-layer winding power batteries. It meticulously examines positive and negative electrode plate alignment, large surface folds, tab-pulling pins, and other crucial aspects in winding power and energy storage batteries, ensuring comprehensive quality control.

Specifications of XB7100-Winding Battery Inspection

Equipment Size5460mm*2600mm*2800mm
Beat≥26PPM and above (2 angles or 4 angles)
Excellence Rate≥99.5%
Overkill Rate≤1%
Underkill Rate≤1%
Equipment Failure Rate (DT)≤2%
Repeated Test Accuracy≤40um (standard piece measurement)
Average Failure Interval (MT BT)≥8H
Method of Incoming MaterialsIncoming materials from logistics line
Radiation Safety Standard≤1μSV/hr
X-ray Tube

Voltage: 40-90KV/40-130KV;

Current: 1 0 - 2 0 0 u A / 1 0 - 3 0 0 u A

ReceiverFlat panel detector
Photo Taking Time≥0.7S
Model Change TimeThe model change time of old varieties ≤ 2 hours/person; the model change time of new varieties ≤ 4 hours/person
Compatible Range

Height: 70~220mm;

Width: 80~260mm;

Thickness: 5~25mm (or customize all models on the market)

Inspection ContentOverhang, Large area fold, Tab fold

Features of XB7100-Winding Battery Inspection

  • 01
    Premium X-ray Technology

    XB7100 employs the highly acclaimed Hamamatsu X-ray tube, recognized globally for its superior quality and precision. This high-end X-ray technology ensures accurate and detailed inspections of winding batteries.

  • 02
    Cutting-Edge Algorithm

    Equipped with Seamark's self-developed algorithm software, XB7100 incorporates advanced algorithms for sophisticated analysis. This software enhances the machine's ability to detect intricate details within batteries, contributing to precise quality assessments.

  • 03
    Expert Support

    Seamark provides unmatched customer support with a dedicated team of professionals. Their experienced Research and Development (R&D) specialists and after-sales service team offer prompt and efficient solutions. This commitment ensures seamless operation and reliability for businesses relying on XB7100 Winding Battery Inspection machines.

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