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XB7200-Stacking Battery Inspection

XB7200 achieves fully automatic inline inspection of multi-layer stacking power batteries, using TDI line scanning image technology or using area array image acquisition technology. The inspection contents include: weighing, angle overhang, large folds, tab creases, etc.

Specifications of XB7200-Stacking Battery Inspection

Equipment Size8500mm*3200mm*2800mm
Beat≥24PPM and above (2 or 4 angles)
Excellent Rate≥99.5%
WeighingMeasurement accuracy ≤0.01g, weight ≥5kg
Equipment Failure Rate (DT)≤2%
Overkill Rate≤1.5%
Underkill Rate≤0%
Repeated Test Accuracy≤40um (standard piece measurement)
Incoming Materials MethodLogistics line incoming materials
Radiation Safety Standard≤1μSV/hr
Inspection ContentWeighing, Overhang, large surface fold, tab fold, etc.
X-ray tubeVoltage: 40-90KV/40-130KV

Line array camera TDI or flat panel detector.

Changeover time: The changeover time for old varieties is ≤ 2 hours/person; the changeover time for new varieties is ≤ 4 hours/person.

Compatibility RangeSquare aluminum shell: length: 80~220mm; width: 130~200mm; thickness: 10~25mm.
Blade Battery

Length 320~600mm;

Width: 80~120mm;

Thickness: 10~30mm

Features of XB7200-Stacking Battery Inspection

  • 01
    State-of-the-Art X-ray Technology

    The XB7200 is equipped with the highly regarded Hamamatsu X-ray tube, known for its exceptional precision. This technology enables the machine to conduct thorough inspections of winding batteries, maintaining superior performance levels.

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    Proprietary Algorithm Expertise

    Seamark's exclusive algorithm software enhances XB7200's capabilities significantly. These advanced algorithms empower the machine to analyze intricate battery details accurately, ensuring precise and dependable quality assessments.

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    Professional Customer Support

    Seamark offers unparalleled customer assistance. Its proficient research and development (R&D) experts and responsive after-sales service team provide rapid and effective solutions, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation for businesses relying on XB7200.

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