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New Brilliant Light, Shining City | SEAMARK Invited to Attend Wuhan Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Association 2023 Annual Conference

On December 22, the "Future Enlightenment, Win-Win Cooperation" 2023 Annual Conference hosted by the Wuhan Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Association officially kicked off. This grand event brought together many upstream and downstream enterprises in the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry chain, aiming to build a bridge for industry research, academic practice, and exchange cooperation.


As one of the sponsors of this conference, SEAMARK was invited to attend, joining hands with upstream and downstream enterprises in the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry chain to discuss the development of the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry and empower high-quality industry development.


Product Sharing, honor Jiangcheng

In the face of the industry's rapid development and customer demands, SEAMARK's Vice President of Marketing, Shang Wei, presented on the theme of "Focus on Testing, Revitalize the Core." He showcased heavyweight new products and made new releases.







Discuss development, compose a new chapter

Dongxihu District, as a national-level development zone, has put great efforts into promoting industrial upgrades and facilitating business development. It is committed to building the "China Internet Valley" and becoming a hot spot for more and more innovative enterprises to make progress. At the conference, representatives of five companies including SEAMARK took the stage and signed contracts with the Dongxihu District government of Wuhan, composing a new chapter of development together.


As a domestic professional manufacturer of X-Ray detection and BGA chip repair equipment, SEAMARK is committed to providing customers with integrated solutions for chip detection and repair process technology. In the future, SEAMARK will closely follow the national development plan, aiming to solve bottleneck technologies and benchmark imported equipment technology, promoting the localization of high-end equipment. Centered around customer needs, Seamark Technology will help optimize production processes, improve quality and efficiency, and strive to empower the high-quality development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry with its mission as a national key specialized, refined, new and prominent enterprise.

Warm Winter Days, Sentiments Expressed in Gifts

In the lucky draw sponsored by SEAMARK, everyone was full of anticipation and excitement. The gifts were light but meaningful, and SEAMARK looks forward to moving forward together with industry partners.