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Leaders and Experts from the National Ecological Environment Department Visit SEAMARK Headquarters for Research


In order to promote the high-quality development of ray device safety control, reasonable requirements for regulation of ray devices and data information collection were established. On December 7, 2023, Director Jiang Yun of the Radiation Source Safety Supervision Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment led a team to visit the headquarters of SEAMARK with the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Department of Ecology and Environment of Guangdong Province, and experts in related fields to conduct a special exempt research on the X-RAY series equipment produced by SEAMARK. They deeply understood the safety design of the exempt equipment, the production situation, and the radiation safety management work of the production enterprise. General Manager Wen Quan led the senior management team to warmly welcome and fully participate in this research activity, providing a basis for information collection.


Research Symposium

At the symposium, Director Jiang first introduced the background of this special exempt research of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, based on the widespread use of X-ray devices in recent years, especially the rapid development of the use of X-ray detection devices in industries such as industrial products to improve quality. To promote the high-quality development under effective safety control of X-ray devices, reasonable regulatory requirements for X-ray devices are being set. Special on-site investigations are being conducted at production enterprises in various provinces where the scale of obtaining production-type exemptions for X-ray devices is significant, and the management is standardized. Data and information are being collected from multiple sources to provide a reference basis for adjusting regulatory policies.


Director Jiang and the experts listened to the briefing on the basic situation of SEAMARK: the company mainly serves industries such as electronics manufacturing, 3C products, new energy lithium batteries, semiconductors, etc. It has established collaborative relationships with well-known universities and research institutions such as Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Advanced Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has created a post-doctoral innovation practice base. The company is a direct partner of leading enterprises such as Huawei, BYD, ZTE, Foxconn, etc. Over the years, it has adhered to independent research and development innovation and has now developed into a national key "Little Giant" enterprise in specialized, refined, new, and high-tech industries.


Vice President of Research and Development, Wang Eyu, provided a detailed introduction: core technical products include X-ray inspection equipment series, new energy lithium battery testing equipment series, and intelligent BGA chip rework equipment series. The experts inquired about and gained insights into the application scenarios, purposes, production output, application fields, customer scenarios, and other aspects of the produced X-ray equipment. The company executives reported on the safe production and radiation safety management of X-ray equipment.



During the discussion, Director Jiang learned that SEAMARK's X-ray equipment series is exported to over a hundred countries and regions worldwide. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the X-ray equipment sold to the Americas and Europe complies with even more stringent radiation safety acceptance standards. This achievement stems from our commitment to high-standard radiation protection design from the outset of research and development. Despite increased costs, radiation protection safety takes precedence. Director Jiang and the experts expressed their appreciation for this approach. Moreover, they showed keen interest in the radiation safety range values and regulatory methods of radiation safety in other foreign countries. SEAMARK's Director of Foreign Trade, Tian Jianchao, provided detailed explanations one by one.

Inspection and Research in the Production Workshop


In SEAMARK's debugging workshop, various nuclear safety technical experts gained an understanding of the basic structure and radiation shielding design of the produced X-ray equipment. They verified the presence of safety interlock devices, alarms, and the setting of radiation safety and protection facilities on the equipment.


During the demonstration of the operation process of the X-ray equipment, engineers from the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment conducted on-site radiation measurements of the entire machine body. The test results were found to be below the national radiation safety standard values, meeting the exemption criteria.



Director Jiang and his delegation expressed affirmation for SEAMARK's specific measures in implementing radiation safety management. They also listened to the company's suggestions on the regulatory proposal for radiation devices, engaging in thorough discussions with the experts.






General Manager Wen Quan fully cooperated with and expressed gratitude for the research activities conducted by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Provincial Ecology and Environment Department, and the Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau. He emphasized that regulating the radiation safety market environment is conducive to the healthy development of enterprises. Effectively controlling radiation safety is also a matter of national and public interest.


SEAMARK will continuously enhance the precision management of radiation regulation for X-ray devices. At the same time, it hopes that leaders at all levels will continue to provide guidance and support in the subsequent work. SEAMARK is committed to achieving high-quality development under effective safety control.