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Seamark ZM Technology Appears at NEPCON ASIA 2023 Asian Electronics Exhibition


On October 11, 2023, the highly anticipated NEPCON ASIA 2023 Asian Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition grandly opened at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the innovative concept of "cross-border + core + intelligent manufacturing," the exhibition focused on electronic manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing technology, 5G intelligent manufacturing applications, smart factories, automotive electronics, and more. It showcased new domestic and international equipment and advanced technological solutions in the fields of electronic components, PCBA processes, intelligent manufacturing, semiconductor packaging and testing, and more.


''Insight into Customer Needs, Supporting Industrial Upgrades'' - At this NEPCON ASIA 2023 Asian Electronics Exhibition, Shenzhen zhuomao technology Co. Ltd brought its core technical products, including 3D/CT X-ray inspection equipment, X-RAY inspection equipment, and desoldering and soldering integrated rework equipment, to make a significant appearance at the event. They shared their experiences and achievements in smart manufacturing with the entire industry, allowing customers to gain a deeper understanding of smart testing and smart welding new processes, leading the industry towards new trends in development.

Product Upgrade Unveiled

High-Speed Online Automatic Component Placement Machine ZM-XC2000


  • High-speed online automatic component placement in 8 seconds per tray, faster and more accurate.

  • Four-station rotary table for automatic feeding (scanning code), inspection, labeling, and unloading.

  • Can achieve high-speed component placement for various components."


Desoldering and Soldering Integrated Rework Equipment ZM-DT300


A multifunctional rework device integrating disassembly, desoldering, and soldering.

  • A non-contact desoldering system protects the product, avoiding damage during the desoldering process.

  • The overall system uses closed-loop temperature control, ensuring stable and precise temperature control.

  • Simple and convenient program editing and desoldering paths support CAD data import.

  • Equipped with CCD system for accurate positioning, effectively ensuring mounting accuracy.


Hot Product Recommendations

3D/CT X-Ray Inspection Equipment XCT8500


  • Utilizing an open-tube X-ray design, defect detection capability can reach 0.5μm.

  • Supports 2D/3D/CT and other inspection methods, suitable for quality inspection, 3D measurement, and non-destructive analysis.

  • It is equipped with a Planar CT function (PCT), applicable for 3D/CT inspections of printed circuit boards, SMT, IGBT, wafers, sensors, aluminum castings, etc.



Intelligent BGA Rework Workstation ZM-R8650


  • Suitable for automatic rework of various surface-mounted components on large PCBs (such as 5G communication boards).

  • Achieves fully automatic visual assembly, automatic soldering, and automatic desoldering functions.

  • It can be integrated with MES software (optional).

X-Ray Inspection Equipment X-6600B


  • Suitable for BGA chip inspection in electronic manufacturing, semiconductor, and other industries.

  • Quickly detects quality defects such as bridging, voids, open circuits, excessive or insufficient solder, breaks, and through-hole alignment.

  • High magnification, multi-angle inspection, large-area inspection platform.

X-Ray Online Inspection Equipment  XL6500


  • Online dual-track 2D X-Ray automatic inspection machine.

  • Independently developed image algorithm software with deep learning (AI) capabilities.

  • Rapid automatic detection of soldering on Chip & IC, missing components, solder voids, and the condition of BGA bubbles and BGA soldering on PCB boards.

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