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Everyone Learns First Aid, Caring for You, Me, and Others

In November, Shenzhen is filled with the fragrance of osmanthus, and the enthusiasm is as fiery as the city's spirit. On November 26, 2023, the Shenzhen Lions Club conducted an emergency first aid knowledge and skills training event titled "First Aid Around Us" at Seamark Technology, achieving a successful and fulfilling session. The event was attended by Lion Brother Gaoqing Lei, President of the Emergency Committee of the Shenzhen Lions Club for the 2023-2024 term, Lion Sister Xiaoliang Zhang, Captain of the Shenzhen Lions Club's Shenzhou Service Team for the 2023-2024 term, Lion Brother Guangjun Zhang, Second Vice Captain of the Shenzhen Lions Club's Shenzhou Service Team, various service team members, and over 50 Seamark family members.


Passionate Start, Conveying Original Intentions and Commitment

In the morning, with the solemn and stirring national anthem, the training officially began. Lion Brother Wen, Lion Sister Xiaoliang Zhang, and Lion Brother Lei Gaoqing, respectively, delivered speeches for the event. Lion Brother Wen expressed a warm welcome to the leaders and lion friends of the Shenzhen Lions Club, acknowledging their dedicated efforts to the "First Aid Around Us" project. He commended the positive impact of various activities organized by the Shenzhen Lions Club, conveying uplifting energy to Seamark during this critical period of striving for annual goals.


seamarkbi-20231128-3.jpgLion Sister Xiaoliang Zhang

Lion Sister Xiaoliang Zhang introduced the Shenzhen Lions Club's Shenzhou Service Team and expressed heartfelt thanks to the coaching team for their active support of the event. The Shenzhen Lions Club's Shenzhou Service Team adheres to the spirit of "heart, travel, effort, and gold," dedicated to various service activities such as respecting the elderly, assisting in education through the "Ten Thousand Miles of Love" project, and popularizing emergency first aid training. The team actively promotes public welfare and charity while emphasizing the importance of service responsibilities.


Lion Brother Lei Gaoqing

Lion Brother Lei Gaoqing highly praised Seamark's development momentum. Despite his first visit to Seamark, he was impressed by Seamark's culture, team spirit, and the vigor of Seamark's people. He acknowledged the down-to-earth approach to industrial work, emphasizing that the manufacturing industry is the foundation of the country and requires persistence and belief. Lion Brother Wen's entrepreneurial spirit, similar to the "First Aid Around Us" project, represents unwavering original intentions and commitment.

Careful Teaching, Ensuring Solid Learning and Fearless First Aid

Under the eager anticipation of the students, Lion Brother Guangjun Zhang, as the main lecturer, started the exciting training in the morning. The morning training included fundamental theories of emergency first aid, common household first aid techniques (including drowning, nosebleeds, joint sprains, burns, animal bites, heatstroke, and the use of iodine swabs), trauma first aid techniques, and first aid for airway obstruction using the "Heimlich maneuver." The lion brothers and sisters demonstrated practical teaching, meticulously breaking down each movement. Lion Brother Zhang's teaching style was professional, rigorous, and humorous, with a cascade of witty and lively expressions. Guided by Lion Brother Zhang, the students' enthusiasm soared, actively participating in theory discussions, and eagerly volunteering to showcase various skills.







In the afternoon, Lion Brother Guangjun Zhang continued with the most crucial course, "Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Techniques." Guided by Lion Brother Zhang and other instructors, the afternoon training swept away fatigue and was filled with excitement. Each person had to learn each detail, movement, and instruction rigorously. The focused practice, brilliant on-stage performances, and resounding slogans and applause elevated the training to climax after climax.




Training Sharing, Wholehearted Efforts Most Touching

After the training, Lion Brother Guangjun Zhang organized the students for training sharing.



Seamark HR Manager - Zou

Zou, the HR manager of Seamark, expressed her feelings about the training. She thanked the Shenzhou Service Team for bringing such a splendid training session. She gained comprehensive knowledge of emergency first aid today, enabling her to extend a helping hand without hesitation in moments of crisis. Touched by the kindness and great love of the Lions Club, she admired the passion and strong sense of mission displayed by the lion brothers and sisters. She encouraged everyone to actively participate in the training, contribute to improving society's emergency aid capabilities, and, most importantly, to summarize and review the knowledge for crucial moments.

seamarkbi-20231128-17.jpgSeamark R&D - Miao

Miao from the R&D department shared his strongest feelings, expressing his eagerness to join the Lions Club and become a member, contributing to society.

seamarkbi-20231128-18.jpgSeamark General Manager - Sun

Lion Sister Sun, the general manager, expressed her gratitude to the team and hoped to return to Seamark for another event in the near future. She wished to share this valuable and practical knowledge with more Seamark employees.

seamarkbi-20231128-19.jpgSeamark CEO - Wen

CEO Wen's sharing was particularly exciting and moving. Having experienced the tragic loss of a friend due to an accident, he deeply felt the invaluable value of first aid knowledge. Today, he and every Seamark employee invested one hundred percent of their seriousness and dedication, cherishing this precious opportunity. He expressed profound gratitude for everyone's hard work and advocated that through this training, everyone should strive to "learn first aid, know first aid, and dare to perform first aid" during the critical golden four minutes, racing against time to save lives.

Scientific Certification, A Sense of Ceremony and Sacred Mission

After an entire day of intense and exciting theoretical and practical training, each student completed practical and theoretical assessments under the strict supervision of the instructors. There was no room for perfunctory actions or formalism; every detail had to be strictly addressed. The gold-standard certificate obtained was full of ceremony, representing a sacred sense of mission. With this solid professional knowledge, they will undoubtedly blossom more flowers of kindness, saving lives and contributing to the relay of life, escorting life with care.



The training concluded amid the lively cheers and shouts of the participants. The positive energy, great love, and charity conveyed by the lion brothers and sisters continue to inspire and influence every Seamark employee. Led by Lion Brother Wen, the Shenzhen Lions Club, and CEO Wen, Seamark Technology will continue to uphold its mission, addressing technical bottlenecks, filling gaps, and empowering intelligent manufacturing upgrades. Seamark will solidify its commitment to practical industry work, unitedly moving toward the future—a remarkable journey, cultivating deep and prosperous business achievements!